About Judy and Judy

Judy F Swears is an elf implied to be on court mandated anger management after Santa Claus received an angry letter from a kid who received a disturbing present for Christmas.  She left North Pole and moved in with her human boyfriend, Mark, in Los Angeles, and struggles to find work due to “elf discrimination” or her sass.  She is not quite yet immersed in the human culture and has picked up bad habits here and there, like the F word and cigarette smoking (she’s trying to quit, but she’s not making any promises just yet!).

More about the character is revealed on this blog.  She also appears in the Squaaares Shorts video clips on The Squaaares’ instagram.  She will also co-host an upcoming YouTube vlogging channel, The Squaaare Vaper, with Markris De Leon.  It should launch soon on this month of May 2017.

About the Author: Judy Ablaza is a musician and writer from Los Angeles, and co-creator of The Squaaare Vaper Vlog.  She is the singer and bass player of The Squaaares, a licensed health professional by profession but a creative writer first, and the mother forever of three amazing boys Samu, Wok, and Ronzo.  She loves pink carnations and elephants, and referring to herself in the third person.